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The cooperation factory occupies an area of 7,000sqm and a construction area of 5,600sqm. The company specializes in producing heavy auto parts, such as Sitaier, Hongyan, etc. Products range is about one hundred kinds and main products are divided into chassis and engine.

The factory was established in 1993, it has developed to be professional production enterprise with definite scale. Now company has had fixed assets more than 10 million RMB, TS16949:2009 Quality carried out efficiently. Quality of product will constantly rise and value of output will greatly rise year after year.

Products range:

1. ball joint series:  tie rod end, connecting rod, hand throttle ball joint, butterfly valve ball joint and so on. 

2. engine parts series: connecting rod bolt, flange, crankshaft flange, knuckle pin, drive shaft, valve push rod, valve rocker arm, valve tappet, valve rocker seat, planetary gear shaft, differential planetary gear, center gear and so on. 

3. disc brake parts series: disc brake lever assembly, brake rod, sliding pin, round pin, multiple thread screw, adjusting sleeve, camshaft, sprocket rod, brake adapter, etc.

4. clutch parts series: separating ring, disengaging lever assembly, clutch master cylinder, clutch booster,sleeve, stop bolt, clutch arm and so on. 

5. gearbox parts. 

6. door hinges.