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Hydraulic hose fittings

Material: Carbon Steel
Product Range: Ferrule, Metric Fittings, British Fittings, SAE Fittings

My factory floor is 8,000 ㎡, 160 skilled workers, has been granted by ISO9001:2000, is supporting manufacturer of Lonking Holdings Limited,  which is the 22nd/Top 50 global construction machinery 2011.  At present, the factory mainly produces hydraulic hose fittings.  

Main Equipment/facilities


Bar cut-off  machine×8

Cutting steel  bar

Punching  machine×2

Press  forming

Semi-automatic milling  machine×20

Rough  finish

Automation milling  machine×30

Rough  finish

Numerical control  machine×60

Finish  machining

Machining centre  machine×2

Finish  machining

Detection  machine×2

Check out  size

Factory View

Product Range

FerruleMetric FittingsBritish FittingsSAE Fittings

 Flat Seal FittingBSP O-ring Seal FittingSAE O-ring Seal Fitting

Multi-seal FittingBSP Flat Seal FittingORFS Flat Seal Fitting

60° Cone Seal FittingBSP Multi-seal FittingNPSM 60°Cone Seal Fitting

74°Cone Seal FittingBSP 60° Cone Seal FittingJIC 74°Cone Seal Fitting

 24°Cone O-ring Seal L.T. fittingBSPT fittingNPT Fitting

24°Cone O-ring Seal H.T. fitting JIS BSP 60°Cone Seal FittingSAE Code61 Flange

Stand pipe Fitting
SAE Code62 Flange

JIS 60°Cone Seal Fitting