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Housing for alternator and starter motor

Housing for alternator and starter motor


Our cooperation factory was founded in 1989, still focused on aluminium alloy of die castings. Our mainly products are including housings of alternator, starter motor and water pump, LED lampshade and so on. We also welcome coming drawing processing.

In addition to a variety of products, the company is famous for its excellent quality, the most reasonable price, and high quality of after-sales service. With the innovative technology in the design, superb level of the casting and machining process, and adhering to the principles of excellence of products, it won the praise of the clients and was awarded the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. 

Total number of employees: total 180, of whom, Design Department: 10, Management: 12, Quality Department: 10, Logistics Department: 10. Machinery and equipment: CMM 1 set, die-casting machine (125T to 400T) 11 sets, Sanders 2 sets, polishing machine 1 set, CNC 30 sets, meter lathes 4 sets, punch 1 set, planer 1 set, millers 6 sets, numerical control millers 3 sets, drillers 42 sets, tapping machine 20 sets, cleaning and drying machine 2 sets, assembly line 1 line. 
Capacity: an annual output of 3 million aluminum Cover for automobile and motorcycle. 
Ability to develop new products: 20 to 30 per month. 
Casting materials: (Japan ADC-12# and American A380# aluminum alloy): Cu: 1.5 to 3.5, Si: 9.6 to 12.0, Mg:≤0.3, Zn: ≤1.0, Fe: ≤0.9, Mn: ≤0.5, Ni: ≤0.5, Sn: ≤0.3, others: Al.

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Housing for alternator and starter motor:
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